• Kook

Wait... "Kook"?

kook /ko͞ok/ - a crazy or eccentric person

Yes, I'm a little kookie but that's not how I got my nickname. I have a Dutch last name with a pronunciation that is seemingly incongruent with its spelling, Kuykendall. You're probably looking at the name right now and saying "kookendall", right? Well, while you'd certainly be in the majority as far as the way people have often pronounced my last name, it's actually pronounced as if there were an "r" in the name... Kir-ken-dall. The only people that typically pronounce the name correctly are people that have encountered the name before or people from Houston. Why Houston? It just so happens there's a "Kuykendall" street in Houston.

More than a decade ago a good friend of mine began calling me "Kook" and the nickname stuck. The nickname has led to some funny moments with people that know the definition of the word and, as a result, are hesitant to actually call me "Kook". I just tell them that I resemble the definition and that seems break the tension. My all-time favorite moment happened one day when someone walked up to me during my Rolling Smoke days and said "are you the one they call Kook?". Once I stopped laughing, I told them that I was, in fact, Kook.

My "kookie-ness" manifests in many ways but, for the sake of attempting to keep this somewhat Kook's Chili related, my style of cooking and recipe development can certainly be described as a bit eccentric. Plus, I must be at least a little crazy to start a business built on chili, right? Hopefully, you'll find that my craziness and eccentricity translates into chili that you and your family love.

So, now you know. Until next time... Chili, love and rock n' roll,


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