Dude, where's my chili?

Cody grabs a quick selfie with one of our canine fans.

If you've ever eaten around a dog, you've probably seen them look at you with that look. You know the one I'm talking about, the "hey, that smells really good. Wanna share?" look. As we've started our farmers market adventures, we're discovering that humans aren't the only ones that love our chili.

Let's face it, people in Colorado love to take their dogs with them on outings whenever they can and farmers markets are no exception. We see lots of folks walking around with their dogs and, being the animal lovers we are, we love the opportunity to interact with and love on all of those canine companions. As it turns out, we get A LOT of opportunities to interact with all those good doggies because our display table is laden with bowls filled with tantalizing chili.

Unfortunately for our canine friends, our chilis aren't doggy friendly. All of our chilis contain garlic and some contain onions; both members of the nightshade family and bad for our canine companions. So, what's our solution? We keep a stash of dog treats behind our table so that all of our dog friends can get their own little treat while their humans pick up their own treats.

So, if you see us at the farmers market, stop by so we can give your pup a little love and a treat!

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